Shelly powered by NEXiiO

Shelly is the primary brand of the European tech company Shelly Group which specializes in delivering innovation through developing, designing, producing, and distributing high-quality IoT products. Shelly is one of the fastest-growing IoT brands in the world, providing solutions for next-generation, intelligent automation.

NEXiiO, With the aim of providing more options to its clients, NEXiiO has started a cooperation with Shelly, by starting to provid Shelly products customized for NEXiiO’s UAP - “Shelly powered by NEXiiO”. The first included device in “Shelly powered by NEXiiO” list is the well-known Shelly Pro 2 combining Shelly’s innovative technology and NEXiiO UAP capabilities.  As a result of the customization all current  features of Shelly Pro 2 for control and monitoring are available through NEXiiO SMART APP .  Shelly Pro 2 can be found in both standard and compatible with NEXiiO UAP configuration which is  specifically labled as “Shelly powered by NEXiiO”.